The Power of the Moon : Wigwolf

FRIENDS TAKEOVER invites talented artists from around the world to reinterpret one of their songs and one cover

Wigwolf’s mission is to create music using traditional wolf recording techniques combined with the power of Katy Perry in order to transcend this realm.

Love can take many faces, music too. Who are we to judge in this way who has the right to speak?
A wolf, a vampire or a giraffe, here it is not a question of belonging but of passion. By drawing on its origins Wigwolf offers us music that is both traditional and out of the ordinary.

In this garage rock from the 3000s, the power of the moon that can be heard on the chords brings a particularly pop touch to the whole while the spirit of K. P lulls us with illusions. The music of a monster, or rather of a non-human non-gender or binary character with a horrific tendency, that cannot be listened to simply, that his life, from the depths of your guts (which could serve as lunch).

So put down your forks and torches, put your garlic away and shave your legs. Today you finally have the opportunity to erase your prejudices and enter a magical world where everything remains to be discovered.

Tell us about this song

I wrote this song several years ago but never recorded it until now.  It was just sitting in a random notebook.  This was written about a werewolf I knew, his name was Wolfa and he was always hungry.  He tried to eat me but I ate him first.  The meaning of the song is that you should never let your hunger control you. 

What is the best way to listen to it?

The best way to listen to this song is when you getting ready to go to a monster party and you’re combing your Dracula hair in the mirror with a fog machine running so it’s all foggy. 

Why this cover?


Because I love Katy Perry and she is my idol and this is her most beautiful song, it makes me cry. 

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