Who is Nostalgia ? w/ PILLOW DOG

FRIENDS TAKEOVER invites talented artists from around the world to reinterpret one of their songs and one cover

Nostalgia is a relationship. A complicated relationship.

First of all, it is an old acquaintance that you meet by chance and who reminds you of a time that seems already so far away. It is also a real friendship that goes with you all your life to remind you that everything has already been better and that everything has already been worse too. But sometimes it’s also a one-night stand — a short moment of intense emotions that will end with a feeling of regret and guilt. However, with your head resting on this chest and without knowing why you are comfortable there, you feel safe and will come back too soon.

In the duo Pillow Dog, Tim and Marcel, both singers and guitarists also have in common to know this subject well. Nostalgia is present in every note of their first EP written in three days. In perfect balance between surf garage melodies and new wave vocals, we remember our wounds, innocence, and a time when we felt really alive. But it’s not sad, on the contrary, it’s beautiful.

Finally, nostalgia is a duality, a dyad. Both sad and joyful, it complements itself, evolves, and never ceases to surprise us. It takes care to remind us of our mistakes, our smiles, and that life is poetry.

In the end, nostalgia is like Pillow Dog.

Tell us about this song

We wrote “four“ when we met up for a weekend session to write and record our
upcoming EP, a year ago. So the writing process was really short-term. The song is
about depression and relationships. Because we couldn’t make up for a title we just
named it four as it is the fourth song we wrote in our session.

What is the best way to listen to it?

Speeding down an empty street on a wet autumnal night on a bycicle after a break up.

Why this cover?


XXXXX from XXXXX is their most famous song and it sounds so happy that I feel the
meaning oft he lyrics, which are actually very deep, anxious and emotional get lost for
many listners. So we decided to do a slower version to emphasize on the lyrics.

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