Poets of a Garage Rock Story: Lurid Lure

FRIENDS TAKEOVER invites talented artists from around the world to reinterpret one of their songs and one cover.

Listening to Lurid Lure is like a journey; he definitely has his own story. In his garage rock world, you might find Nirvanaesque intros; noises remind you of Sonic Youth, or vocals with a similar attitude with The Pixies. Lurid Lure uses calm but strong melodies together with very sincere lyrics such as “There are things in life not good enough / There is vomit, there are fails.”

Wolfgang is one of us music lovers who just “had to do it.” “Music is my life; I have to do it. It has never been a hobby to me,” Wolfgang says. Lurid Lure was founded by Wolfgang Philipp and his friends from school in 2001 in Innsbruck, Austria. Like most bands, the band changed many drummers and bass players. The indie rock band released their debut album “Love Can Kill & Hate Bores Us” in 2015 and performed it twice in Hamburg.

You will definitely find something for yourself in Lurid Lure’s Music. It can either be the passion to make art, Wolfgang’s rock’n’roll lyrics, which he sings in a contrastingly calm way, or it can even be something personal you will feel, from the very bottom of your heart. 

Tell us about this song

“It’s Not Over” was written in a rehearsal, definitely in a loud environment with heavy, driving drums. The guitar riff builds up and breaks like a wave. The acoustic version is more like a memory – a beautified, more melodic version of the song. It’s Not Over” is about keeping going and not giving up. There are always things that might affect other us, but at the same time, there are a lot of good things happening.

What is the best way to listen to it?

It’s a positive, optimistic song. The album version is powerful; this acoustic version is more relaxed. Listen to it the way you like it!

Why this cover?

Tell us in one sentence why you choose to cover this song. Bad Girls has a catchy melody and a strong rhythm – it was fun to uncover its essence with just an acoustic guitar.

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