The Ape Shuffles

A creature from the deep: The Ape Shuffle

COCKTAIL, as the name suggests, is a blend of everything we do best. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Capture a live performance by an extraordinary artist while revealing to you a recipe for forbidden pleasure lovingly prepared by our hipster on duty.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a dolphin? If so, you will quickly understand that The Ape Shuffles project will make your wish come true. This solo project points its rostrum (term designating the beak or the muzzle of most odontocetes cetaceans) discreetly for a few years now with the EP “The Ups and Downs of a Hobo Vamp” in 2017, relating the journey of a wandering vampire in a hard stoner register. In 2019, we could see him leaping from the depths once again with “Trust the Fool”, and this time we feel that the beast has come a long way since our last meeting and brought back some souvenirs. The influences are more numerous and more exotic: pop, new wave and even a few drops of metal.

This rare and majestic project, which we follow from afar, makes you want to know more and more; we dive into a deep universe, to swim with Tristan and his poignant ultrasonic voice. We hold on to his solid fin and let ourselves be carried through a ballad of emotions under a sunset, we visit each landscape hair in the wind, we feel alive…. Then he brings us back safely. We turn off the music, wave goodbye to him as he goes off, and then we hope, with tears in our eyes, that we will soon have the pleasure of turning Spotify back on for a new journey. And tomorrow, I assure you, he will be there for you.

Tell us about this song

This song I wrote when I was sharing a flat with two very good friends, at the time of the faculty, in Aix en Provence. The song evokes for me those moments of freedom and joy that we had, spread out on the park benches where we hung out. There was no writing for this song, it all came spontaneously, the lyrics flowed naturally, like a good blues coming from the heart. In itself the song is about escape. It is an invitation to escape mentally or physically from your life and its concerns, in order to come back to them with a fresh look and detached from what usually troubles you or makes you nervous. “Let the haters rage in their corner, I know what you are worth and you are beautiful to me”, that’s what that means.

best way to listen to it?

For me the best way to listen to the song would be alone, with headphones / earphones, walking down the street with the people passing by …


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